Remind Me

Remind me, God.

I know you are good but I keep forgetting.

You promised provision, nearness, and goodness, but my life doesn’t feel good.

All I see around me are obstacles.

Everywhere I turn, there is another mountain.

Can you remind me, God, that you are the mountain mover?

Remind me of your goodness.

It feels like you’ve forgotten about me.

I know you said you care for me more than a sparrow, but I feel so not taken care of.

I know you said you seek out the lost sheep, but I feel so lost that you couldn’t find me if you tried.

Are you trying to find me, God?

Please restore me.

I’ll trust you more than I trust my feelings.

I’ll believe you are who you say you are.

I’ll believe you’ll do what you say you’ll do.

Mountain mover.  Caregiver. Finder.


You Alone (God of Love)

God of love, you knew me

I was a whisper

Until you breathed my name


God above, you see through me

I was a canyon

I was echoed in shame


And my God how you drew me

Slight of hand

A moth right to the flame


And God only you could undo me

Pour it out

And shape it back again


And you alone are worthy of

Everything that I’ve become

I’ll pour my heart into your love

and hold my hands up high


And you alone could ever love

Enough to fill this life with hope

So we’ll pour out our song to the skies above

And lift your name on  high


We’ll life your name on high


God of love, you knew me

I am sin

But you love me all the same


God of love, you knew me

I was a whisper until

You called my name


Never Far Away

You amaze me Lord!

As soon as I call your name, you are there!

What are the first words you say to me?

No words of condemnation or punishment,

but instead, “I love you! I love you so much!”


I feel your love Father when I’m out in nature.

I hear your voice in the breeze,

I see your handiwork in the beautiful flowers.

I even see your promise of rejuvinating life in plants that were supposed to die,

but came back and continued to live.


I hear your laughter in my own child’s voice,

I see your love in their eyes.

I can feel your contentment when my kids play and get along

just like you do when all of your kids play and get along!


One of the saddest days of my life is when I heard you the most.

My dad was entering your gates,

but the whole time I heard your voice saying, “I’m here. I’m here. I’m so sorry.  I love you so much!”


Thank you Lord for always being there.

Please help me to always have the eyes, ears, and heart to pay attention to how I can see you all around me.

You are never far away.




Priceless is a word that describes me and you.  We are worth more than diamonds and pearls.  God made us who we are.  Don’t let anyone say you’re not worth it because you are worth more than you think.  Don’t let anyone EVER drag you down.  I drew this and used this song because it’s a true song and it inspires me to rely on God even in hard times.

~Reese Pena~

My Psalm of Darkness & Light

I learn today that you have taken another mentor friend –

longtime friend of value and worth

God you have taken family and friends

Mother Father, Brother Cousins and friends

Old family taken too soon – I no longer have their wisdom, joy and fun

I am left with dark memories of passing too soon, of life , of opportunities gone

I have been left to grieve and be strong in the loss, but the darkness is there –

Sometimes dark enough not to see Your light

Grief and despair, sadness at loss – loss of opportunity to continue, build and repair relationships


In the darkness of loss – Your ray of light is dim and hard to see.

My times of despair and grief – I remember – not just friends but You

Your light shining to me through friends and faith

The light of You illuminates my path

As I turn back towards You

Your lighted path leads to peace, Hope and love

But – I cannot help to see – through eyes that have seen life

Passing through your light leads Home

The final passing – through the years – becomes more clear

As the path to home

I need your light – but I’m not ready to go home



There’s a Place in the Heart

There is a place in the heart where the sweetest dreams reside…

Where the highest hopes are kept alive…

Where the deepest feelings are felt…

Where good emotions…

Are planted, fed, and flourish…

It’s a place where singing is welcomed and harmonies come naturally.

It’s a place where tiny dreams and unmet needs, that money could never buy, are

Tenderly handled and encouraged to open in complete acceptance…

It’s a safe place…where you know you’ll always feel free to be yourself…

A place where favorite memories are stored, and kept safe, and warm…

A place where love and goodness rest, waiting to be multiplied…

My beautiful Savior…Jesus, the Christ, along with the Father, the Most High God…,

Created this place, within me, and the spirit of the Holiest of Holies lives there…

Within me…

Tucked safely away in the place…

Deep within my heart.

You planted your mercy seat in me, at Calvary, oh God.

May I live to learn to love you more, all the days of my life.

May the grace you gave me, the love you lavished on me, be the thing I readily share with others.

Every day, Oh Lord, you encourage me to be my best personal self, to your glory, and for my own good…

That I may be your hands and feet, until you come again, to gather me unto yourself,

Where all that I’ve endured will be laid aside in sweet surrender

And the love that I’ve longed for, all my days, will be complete,

As I behold your face and feel your tender embrace.

Oh, glorious day!


~Leah DeBoard~

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