Psalm 133, the Unity of Believers

WHEN GOD’S PEOPLE LIVE IN UNITY….Unity is like: (answers from our church on 7/22/18)

  • All different voices come together and make beautiful music.
  • A well-oiled machine works properly to produce a product.
  • The vanilla custard, fudge, caramel, and pecans make a new taste in your mouth.
  • Love, Tolerance, Forgiveness.
  • A crowd cheering for a team in a game.
  • John 3:16
  • An old married couple walking hand in hand.
  • Cooking burgers.
  • Ice Cream Social.
  • In the world to come all believers throughout the history of the world are together – all races & different backgrounds.
  • Like butterscotch – smooth & sweet.
  • It is like peace.
  • It is like a bonding, a belonging, a joyfulness, free of anxiety.
  • Adult children being together and remembering stories of growing up and the laughter shared with their family.
  • My wife & the scent of vanilla.
  • A warm, peaceful feeling that encourages me.
  • Your favorite cake recipe. Each ingredient has a different purpose but together make a delicious offering.
  • Bearing with one anothers’ needs – Patience, forgiveness, pure gentleness, kindness, love. One in God.
  • Unity is like that warm feeling inside when you know God is pleased with you.
  • Sharing Lord’s Supper. Singing songs together.
  • A well-oiled machine running flawlessly.
  • Everything balancing the first time, in my accounting world!
  • The joy of seeing a plan come together.
  • That peace that passes all understating…nothing missing, nothing broken.
  • A long slow rain after a drought.
  • Hearing a simple reverent reading of the Bible.
  • Shade of a big tree on a hot day.
  • The morning breeze as the sun rises.
  • A hot mug of coffee with sweet cream.
  • A hug from loved ones as you reunite after a long separation.
  • Laughter of innocent children.
  • Family – a commitment no adversity can destroy.
  • A Beautiful symphony when all the parts combine in beautiful harmony. If any of the parts are missing, or are out of tune, the symphony is entirely changed and it’s beauty is lost.  May we all strive to live in perfect harmony!
  • Anger doesn’t alienate.
  • Disagreement doesn’t divide.
  • Conflict doesn’t kill.
  • Blood of Covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.
  • The sun shining through the beautiful stained glass – and all the colors shining on your face.
  • The animals living in the forest living in harmony without a care in the world.
  • Unity is when the oceans meet the sky on the horizon during sunset – al the vivid colors blending together to make one beautiful unified image.
  • Lifting our hands in praise to our God and Savior.
  • Caring, love, compassion, loyalty, brotherhood, maturity, kindness, understanding, leaders.
  • Loving one another no matter our race, gender, social status, political view, or church.
  • “Love your neighbor as yourself” – what would the world look like if we just did this one simple thing?
  • When we sing and praise to God it makes me think of Unity and I know God is with the Church.
  • A mother holding her child for the first time – total love, acceptance & hope.
  • It is a beautiful & perfect plan God designed when he commanded u to love Him and love others. There is no greater harmony or unity than obeying this command.
  • Watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset.
  • No borders within and a love that surpasses my own boundary.
  • Family gatherings with common stories, laughter til tears flow, hugs of farewell til we meet again.
  • Table of the Lord set for us which includes immediate family, but also the girl in the Bahamas that braided my granddaughters’ hair, Joshua (my son from Africa through Compassion International), those in Hawaii that have such spiritual connection to God the creator and hospitality. David, Paul, My Daddy.
  • How God always finds ways to bring us back together and home to Him.
  • The blending of flavors and ice cream to make a nourishing and healthful drink/”best smoothie ever.”
  • Group prayers. Singing & music. Celebrations.
  • Geese flying in various formations, always changing & regrouping, but settled on a common destination.
  • The plant that grows healthy and full of fruit as the refreshing waters of rain and stream flow through rich soil to bring life and nutrients throughout as God’s miracle of life shines down from above.
  • Children standing hand in hand.
  • All people holding hands.
  • Different colors of the stained glass – separate, but creating a cohesive whole, not blending but needed for the image to be perfect.
  • Unity can mean many different things. It can mean having both shoes to make a pair, or having all of the buttons to a shirt, but to me unity means this: having a meadow full of flowers (daisies, sunflowers, etc.) – without all of the flowers, it’s just another meadow, but with everything working together, it can be an amazing and beautiful flower meadow.
  • When trust is shared and safety is felt when together.
  • When no past offenses are remembered – because they have been forgiven – the forgiver remembering his/her own sins & faults.
  • Deep breath of life felt in our being when together – for love is present.
  • The love for each other and the lives of David and Jonathan even when there was in conflict w/Jonathan’s dad.
  • “Life” getting along. Being in church together as one. Family getting along.  Helping each one get along. Talking it over. Loving each one as you love yourself.
  • Soothing to my soul. Exciting to come together with love, comforting when we come together when the world is fighting outside & we’re warm inside having hot chocolate.
  • Putting my feet up high in my lounger & covering up and napping.
  • The perfect blend of seasons to make the chicken n dumplins that savory dish…even in the summer.
  • The brushstrokes it takes for God to create the sunset.
  • 4 part harmony coming together for a sweet lullaby.
  • After 9-11, that night many in our little community came together to pray. It wasn’t in my church, but that church extended hospitality and unity to all believers.  It came about as a result of tragedy, but the example was very powerful of how as believers we can share & be united.
  • Communion of life together with others.
  • Marriage – two become one.
  • Support of athletic teams by people who are vastly different – “Raider Nation”.
  • A breath of fresh mountain air.
  • A beautifully choreographed dance.
  • Innocent children getting along.
  • A wave on the ocean moving in one direction with all its’ strength.
  • Peace. Comfort. Love. Christ-like. One. Bread & Butter.
  • Like Crochet. A skein of yarn, being hooked into a blanket that brings warmth to someone.  A loose knot or a snag can pull out the entire thing and make a snarl of yarn that is tangled and useless.
  • A Rainbow.
  • “Family”-like
  • Thanksgiving lunch – Loved ones gathering together enjoying each other and a wonderful meal & fellowship.
  • Fist bumps. Marriage. Rainbows. The Promise.
  • Worship service with a mission church: 2-3 different languages in song and prayer, the love extended both ways to our brothers and sisters. All to One Lord uniting in his creation.
  • Image of all people around the world walking hand in hand helping each other reach a mountain top – the weak, the weary, the unloved, the strong – not leaving anyone behind. All working together toward a common goal.
  • Holding hands during prayer says/shows a bigger message than just holding someone’s hand, it means you are with them and that you and the other people you hold hands with are connected through prayer and the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray Lubbock 2018. Attitude of many churches of Christ that now accept that other denominations are brothers & sisters.
  • Family – ours has unity and forever will. Always loving and unifying under both good and bad circumstances!
  • Intimacy. Belonging. Peace. Security. Love. Comfort. Joy.
  • We’re all headed to the same place. We may arrive there differently, but knowing Jesus is our God.
  • Unity of Believers – the Walk to Emmaeus & Kairos Prison Ministry
  • The sweetest calm and peace – it is like the wind blowing softly on my face. It is like the sun providing warmth on a cool day.
  • The day after Pearl Harbor. The day after 9-11. Lincoln’s Gettysburg address (to reunite a nation). The day JFK died. The day Jesus comes (future).
  • How blessed it is to gather with fellow believers, surrounded by a common faith in God and love for each other. Help us to join hands and hearts in unity, proclaiming our mutual hope and peace.
  • A good meal with family. Being needed. Having a baby and the connection it brings the family with each other & God.
  • Unity is most satisfying when my husband and I communicate with each other. We don’t have to agree.  We just have to understand what the other one is saying and realize that we are exposing our deepest hearts, thoughts & feelings.
  • Harmony isn’t everyone singing on the same note.
  • Unity to me is when the Church unconditionally accepts and opens its’ doors to people from all walks of life, regardless of their race, culture, religious upbringing, or socio-economic status.
  • Intertwined fingers, holding together the truth, friendship and love.
  • A family at the dinner table laughing, loving & enjoying each other’s company!
  • Peacefulness. Harmony. Acceptance. Understanding.
  • God has provided a grace for our daughter, Amy, to be unified with Kevin McAlpin, next Saturday, July 28th! We pray for continued perfect unity for these two!
  • Cooperation.
  • Common goal – help each other to be more Christlike.
  • A sense of belonging to each other.
  • Oneness. Togetherness. Harmony.

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